Black & Decker 1-Tier Food Steamer/Rice Cooker Review

Black and Decker 1-Tier Food Steamer/Rice Cooker
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When some friends gave this little steamer to my husband & me almost 10 years ago, we thought it was a dumb idea! "What do you need a whole separate appliance like this for?" we laughed. After all, we assured each other, we had a complete set of pots & pans, running water, etc. We thought this was just a silly affectation. We were wrong. We finally decided to use the steamer when our friends were coming to dinner, cooked some broccoli in it and....had our revelation. That night the broccoli was crisp, bright green & "al dente" after 12 minutes of steaming. In other words, "perfect." So was the asparagus we steamed the next night, the rice we steamed the night after that, and so on.
1001 nights later, having used this handy little appliance almost each & every night, we finally had to admit that we'd been wrong, completely wrong, totally wrong! This is no affectation! Not only did our vegetables, rice, couscous, etc. come out perfectly every time, steaming preserved their nutrients & this little steamer was incredibly easy & convenient to use. I've even used it to sterilize my younger child's bottles & to steam foreign stamps off envelopes for my son's collection. The only small appliance we all use more frequently is our electric kettle! This steamer's compact size, however, makes it easy to store & all of its plastic bowls/covers/baskets fit easily in the diswasher for easy after-dinner clean-up. After nearly 10 years it still works as well as it did that first night!
You need this steamer. You may not realize it till after you've owned it for a bit, but if you don't find yourself discovering multiple uses for it, well, your imagination is lacking!

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For healthy delicious meals in minutes this countertop appliance can cook rice while simultaneously steaming vegetables, meat or seafood. It provides a large 4 quart steam basket and an 8 cup rice bowl; as well as a divider that separates foods, an egg holder for cooking eggs, and a drip tray. Simply set the adjustable countdown timer by turning the knob to the right for up to 75 minutes of cooking time. It will automatically shut off and signal when the cooking time has ended. The units water window makes it easy to check the water level at a glance, and an external water fill inlet allows for conveniently adding water anytime during operation. Even more, a unique built in flavor scenter screen provides added versatility, add herbs and spices and their flavor will infuse into the food. Other highlights include a water measuring guide, durable construction, and dishwasher safe parts for quick cleanup.

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